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Inishie Dungeon description

Inishie Dungeon — Play for free at Titotu.io

Inishie Dungeon is not actually an io game, but is a game who don't wait much from and get amazed how exciting and captivating it is.

How to Play

This game is an RPG so you've got to complete various tasks and quest, upgrade your hero and etc. A dozen of skins are available for your for free. Short intro and you go to the Town and then directly down to the dungeons - seeking for friends and fighting for treasures with monsters.

Don't forget to get saved during the game, otherwise you'll have to start from the very beginning. Inishie Dungeon has a lot of levels, new levels are added regularly. And if you manager to complete the game you can always press a button "FORGET EVERYTHING" to reset the game.

One of the points is that you can die even in Town (from fire for example), so be careful. In the barrel around the Town you may find some great stuff and unfortunately monsters. Make sure you've learned the locations of the key buildings in the Town.

To get rid of an item click on it and drag on the map. To sell an item in Inishie Dungeon drag the item to the Merchant icon. Merchant will give you a price, if you agree with the price - sell it. Money may help you.

While attacking on N-th attack your use an ability (that consumes mana). Switching weapons available with number keys and mouse.

Explore as much as possible, kill monsters for level ups and complete this great game!

Inishie Dungeon Controls

  • WASD to move
  • Click to attack


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Inishie Dungeon

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