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Game aliases:  Barbsio

Barbs io description

Barbs io — Play for free at

Barbs io is one more game developed in times of the fidget spinner’s popularity. The game is similar to Agario, but, still, it is original and attractive. The game elements are really diverse. There are some unexpected moments, for example, when the spinner is broken into pieces after the collision with a prickly circle. These moments make the game exciting. Barbs io is perfect for the fans of spinners and new io games.

How to play

The main aim is to become the biggest spinner. To gain weight, absorb colored dots, small spinners that are flying randomly and other players. You can divide your spinner into smaller ones, in order to expand the territory where you can collect dots. After some time, small spinners will join into the bigger one again. Until it happens, other players may absorb you. But the risk is good in this game.

Small spinners appear from nowhere and fly at high speed. Absorb them, and you will gain weight. Also, you can always run into a big prickly circle. They are generated continuously. If you absorb this circle, the big spinner will be divided into smaller ones. Often, it happens in the wrong moment. Still, this moment adds some extreme to the game.


  • Spinner follows the cursor
  • Space to divide


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Barbs io

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