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Fightz io description

Fightz io — Play for free at

Fightz io is a very simple survival MMO game. You've got to hunt animals for score and XP points.

How to Play

The main goal of the game is to get to the top of the leader board and stay there for as long as possible. Hunt animals to get score points, animal don't attack you and leave XP pellets after death. Keep upgrading your skill hunting animal before you feel ready to hunt other players. Fighting other players is another way of getting score points.

There're 14 level available, each one gives it's unique weapon type. The blue zones stay for water, note that you move slower in water.

Animals in Fightz io

Rabbit 4 XP Scorpion 32 XP
Sheep 12 XP Wolf 20 XP
Cow 16 XP Ogre 48 XP
Pig 16 XP Golem 104 XP
Polar Bear 16 XP Baby Dragon 20 XP
Penguin 20 XP Hell Wolf 48 XP
Reindeer 60 XP Dragon 176 XP

Fightz io Controls

  • Move by mouse
  • Click to shoot
  • Right click to boost


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Fightz io

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