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Crazy Steve io description

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Crazy Steve io is a classic mass gaining io game. While you keep getting fatter some one small and fast will blow you up! Attention!

How to Play

You've got to score points by collecting eggs and apples. Eggs give more XP than apples. Enemy when killed leaves apples, so it's rather meaningful to leave bombs everywhere to blow up opponents and get even more eggs!

Crazy Steve io

With every level up in CrazySteve io you grow bigger and of course you can collect more eggs and apples simply because you can collect from bigger area when you big. At the same time you slow down and become more vulnerable to smaller and faster players. These means you can hunt the TOP players!

Be careful with your own bombs, you'll die as as well as you enemy. You can leave 3 bombs at the same time. When bomb explodes you can drop another one.

Eggs and apples re-appear after a while, so thought you fight at the center of the map come sometimes to borders to collect some points

Crazy Steve io Controls

  • Character follows the mouse
  • Click to drop a bomb


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Crazy Steve io

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