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Deeeep io description

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In Deeeep io you start a game as a whitebait that continuously eats plankton and keeps growing & evolving into other creatures. There is another game by the same developer Raaaaft io. The guy keeps releasing games once in an year, but they become super popular.

How to Play

The main goal of Deeeep io is to become the greatest animal and get to the top of the leaderboard. At first you've got to collect plankton and what remains after dead players. A little by little you'll grow and evolve into something else by your choice, more powerful and strong. This means will be able to attack smaller fishes and the ones you get courage enough to attack. Nevertheless don't ever think you're safe even if you're the biggest fish. At any moment you might be attacked. It's a wild wild sea, guys.

One of the key features of the game is that different fishes are best at their specific locations. If you're a fish from the deep sea, it might be harmful to get to the surface. The same for those who's born near to the surface. And any fish should not stay for long out of the water. Oxygen goes even faster.

Every fish has it's own special abilities, you'll learn them quickly as soon as you evolve into a new fish. It's better to attack from behind, but anyway be careful.

Deeeep io Modes

There're 5 modes availble in the game. You can switch between them on the start page. Some require definite number of players and will start only when there're enough players for the game. Others you can jump in at anytime.

  1. PvP mode
  2. Pearl mode. It's a classic Capture the flag mode. You've got to grab opponents' pearl and bring it to your base
  3. Lastman mode. Sea gets polluted with time and safe zone shrinks. The last to stand wins.
  4. FFA
  5. FFA (first version of the game)

Deeeep io Controls

  • Animal follows the pointer
  • Click to dash
  • M to toggle the chat window
  • Esc to toggle main menu


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Deeeep io

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