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Dual Agar Online description

Dual Agar Online — Play for free at Titotu.io

Dual agar is a great game for Agario fans. First, there are dozens of servers. There are amazing opportunities for customization and adaptation of the game, according to your preferences. There is a special tag that indicates that you are just training, and then the enemies won’t be able to eat your cell. Moreover, there are special markers that show the direction of your cells’ movement. To sum up, there is a great amount of opportunities. The game is worth playing!

How to play

The main aim is to grow the biggest cell. To do this, eat colored circles (there are few of them) and other gamers (it is really exciting!). The cells are divided quickly, and each cell is eating smaller ones. When your cell grows, it becomes slower. To catch smaller cells, the bigger one has to divide itself. When the cell is divided, it spits off a half of itself, rushes forward and absorbs the enemy. It takes a lot of time to grow together again, and everything can happen in this period. If you eat a prickly green dot, your cell will be torn into some parts, so be careful.

The game was called Dual agar, because two cells can propagate simultaneously. Dual effect, dual strength!


  • The cells move forward, following the mouse
  • Click to divide
  • Enter the menu Hotkeys to customize useful properties according to your preferences. Enter Settings, to change the graphic design.


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Dual Agar Online

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