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Battleboats io is not like other io games, it is a unique game. The graphics is perfect, the controls are simple, the aim is clear. It is a great game. You should be careful with other players and automatic traps that can easily kill the most upgraded ship. It is a really nice, stylish and exciting game. Soon, it will become a super hit.

How to play

The aim of the Battleboats io is to bring your mine to the base of the enemy. Look attentively: your boat appears in the red circle. A huge water mine is swimming near your base. To move this mine to the enemy’s base, collect 50 boxes with the sign of the mine. They are located in the center of the map (the cursor is guiding you there) and protected by shooting cannons and laser systems. To destroy the cannon, approach the cannon for a distance of the shot and click it. Then, your ship starts shooting at the cannon. But if the cannon is destroyed, some time passes, and it appears again. Laser systems can’t be destroyed. Just try to escape them, because the damage from a laser is huge.

Collect health and ammo boxes to restore your HP or to get new ammo. Also, collect the boxes with XP in order to upgrade the level, your boat will become stronger and more powerful.

Battleboats io has an original system of battle with other players. Press the Space, to choose the direction of bombes. They can be thrown from the left board or from the right board. Press Q or E, and your boat will shoot with three mines. The damage of three mines is huge.


  • Use WASD to move
  • Make a click to attack the cannons (when you approach for a distance of the shot)
  • Use Space to prepare for throwing the mines
  • Use Q E to choose direction of the mines


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Battleboats io

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