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Evilgame io — Play for free at Titotu.io

Evilgame.io game stays on your shelf together with Kingz.io. It is an interesting RTS in the io world. Every second and every movement are important, and the enemy doesn’t sleep. It is a severe game in a severe environment. You need skill and a lot of luck to win this game. Evilgame io will easily turn you on and help you to concentrate.

How to play

The aim is to conquer and enslave all players on the map. Every gamer has its own Base. You must protect your Base from the enemies. If the enemy conquers your Base, you will be enslaved. Units are accumulated continuously at the Base. We move these units to the other parts of the map, so these units become the parts of our kingdom. If the place is occupied, units appear again. When you click to any of your cells, you “absorb” all soldiers from this cell. Then you click to the neighboring cell, and the soldiers will be moved there. If you want to leave the soldiers for defense, you may use the “double click” function, then you will take only 50% of soldiers from the cell.

To conquer the enemy’s territory, you must spend as many soldiers as you see in the invaded territory + 1 soldier to defend the territory. If there are 34 soldiers at the enemy’s land, you must have at least 35 soldiers in order to win. If you have more soldiers, the remained survivors will take part in other attacks.

Moreover, in the Evilgame io you may leave Bombs for 15 of your soldiers. In the active cell you may click an icon Bombs (left-hand corner in the bottom of the screen), and 15 soldiers will be taken from your army. Then, a bomb will appear at this place. It will be visible just for you. When your enemy attacks you, he will face with an unpleasant surprise.


  • Click to take soldiers
  • Double click to take 50% of soldiers
  • Click to the neighboring cell to move the soldiers


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Evilgame io

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