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Get ready for an explosive blast of fun with Gunbomb io! Destroy barriers and reach your enemies. Unlock new weapons and hop on tanks to dominate the field!

How to Play

Gunbomb io is an explosive mix of bomberman, shooter, and stunning graphics. Start the battle with a weak cannon, but fear not! Destroy blocks to uncover powerful cannons, some capable of blasting the ground beneath your feet! Click the corresponding number to select a cannon, or get a tank for added firepower. Watch out for pits and surprises!

In this game tiles constantly drop, requiring players to gather on a small patch of land for the ultimate showdown. Reach this final phase, seize the strongest cannon, and focus your aim. Soon, you'll be taking out enemies beyond sight with pinpoint accuracy. Get ready to unleash your firepower and conquer the field!


  • Use WASD for movement
  • Click to attack
  • Numbers 1-6 to select weapons


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Gunbomb io

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