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Salvage Guns description

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Salvage guns is collaboration of several game studios, as a result we got a fascinating tank io game with multiple features.

How to Play

The main goal of Salvage Guns is to become the top player on the map. The only way to do this is to level up by killing opponents and collecting pick-ups which give you money.

You can play for either Tank or Truck. Tank has more health, but the Truck can grab barrels appearing on the map for the sake of money. Truck can also be equipped with a cannon, that won't add more health points, but will help fighting against Tanks.

The most valuable place on the map for Trucks is top left corner. It's contains barrels storage guarded by powerful cannons. Single trip to that storage can bring up to 10k$. Unfortunately barrels don't add health points, so generally other pick-ups are more desirable.

In the top left corner in Salvage Guns you'll find ruins of a garage. It's a home for a great bot Tank that keeps moving around the place and is hard to destroy. However if you kill it, you'll receive tons of money & experience and unlock a weapon skin.

At the middle of the map there's a railway. A train moves along this way. Each shoot into the train earns you a pick-up. The train has a good defense, but it worth attacking it, because every pick-up restores your HP + you receive a pick-up.

If you have enough money and level you can upgrade your Tank or Truck and weapons.

Salvage Guns Controls

  • WASD to move
  • Click to shoot


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Salvage Guns

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