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Game aliases:  mouse io pointer io mouse wars io click io

Mousewars io description

Mousewars io — Play for free at

Mousewars io is a brand new io game! You're going to play for mouse pointer! Let's start!

How to Play

You aim in Mouse Wars io to destroy other cursors. Game has 2 modes: Survival and Deathmatch. First one assumes fighting till the last player to stay alive. Second mode wins the one who receives most frags during the round. Also when creating a room you may choose it to be FFA or TM.

All the weapons are available for you from the beginning. You can switch between then with QWE, ASD and ZXC buttons. Check out every weapon and select your favorite. Have a look at D (defense). Some types of weapons can be used with both left and right click for shots from left and right sides.

Mouse Wars io Controls

  • pointer follow the pointer :D
  • QWE ASD ZXC for weapon selection
  • Click with wheel to turn the pointer
  • R to rotate the pointer


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Mousewars io

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