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Netquel io is an online multiplayer space combat game where you pilot ships to fight enemy botnets in thrilling io games!

How to Play

In Netquel io, use your mouse or touch controls to move and shoot. Left click or double tap and hold to boost your ship. Mine asteroids, destroy other spaceships, and collect upgrades to level up. Expand your ship by collecting blocks or mining asteroids. Your score is determined by the value of all the blocks you own and your balance. Be wary of botnets, groups of players with a leader. If the leader dies, all members die too.


  • Mouse/Touch: Move and shoot
  • Left Click/Double Tap and Hold: Boost
  • Mining: Approach asteroids and collect resources
  • Upgrades: Click to level up your ship
  • Chat: Use the panel in the bottom left to communicate with other players. Remember to never share personal information in chat!


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Netquel io

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