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Game aliases:  panzerio panzer 2

Panzer io description

Panzer io — Play for free at

Panzer io is a nice tank battle io game. Great 3D graphics, exciting gameplay, start your engines and let's go!

How to Play

Your aim in the game is to get the most frags and points. Besides other players AI soldiers will appear from time to time and attack you. Fortunately you drive a tank, so you can not spend ammo, but just run over them! Soldiers give you points, aid kits and weapons.

Every tank in Panzer io has 2 weapons. First one is a machine gun, it warms very quickly, so use burst fire. This is the main weapon to kill other players and soldiers. Second weapon is cannon. It reloads in 10 seconds, but very powerful. Also you can use it while moving, have to stop and them shoot.

Note the map at the right top corner to be sure about your current location. Also at the left bottom corner you'll see 2 bars. Red one is HP, yellow is shield. Shield recevers automatically, HP only with aid kits.

Panzer io Controls

  • Tank follow the mouse
  • Click to use machine gun
  • Right click to use cannon
  • Shift to slow down


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Panzer io

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