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Exocraft io description

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Exocraft io is a super scaled io game. Collect energetic gems, sell then for money and craft the greatest spaceship in Exocraft universe.

How to Play

Main goal of the game is to collect as many gems as possible (=score points). It would look very easy if valuable gem mines wouldn't be defended by powerful guards. So you've got to go step by step. First collect available gems spread around the map, find mines without guards. Upgrade your ship and drones and only after that go exploring the deep space for endless gem mines!

Exocraft has a good tutorial, so in a few minutes you'll get into the rules: how to collect gems, how to sell them, how to buy upgrades and so on.

Similar spaceship crafting scheme was met in other game, e.g Galactic Era. In Exocraft you drive the ship yourself and can feel the difference when new engine is attached.

Exocraft io Controls

  • Click to move
  • Click the mine or guards to attack with drones


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Exocraft io

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