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Ruinz io is something similar to the popular io game Zombs io. With simple graphics, multiplayer, a wide range of weapons, buildings, and upgrades, and zombies as natural enemies, there's enough to pay attention to this game.

Your character has one working tool - an axe, three weapon options, and a set of buildings and upgrades that can be unlocked for gold. Start mining gold from mines. Any weapon will do, but the axe will give you more gold per hit. After mining enough, try building something. There are auto-mines that will give you a little gold automatically, cannons, walls, and other elements of a well-fortified base. Beware of zombies, despite their relative weakness, they can appear suddenly and cause trouble. You can fight with other players or team up. However, note that the enemy's turrets and mines won't recognize your alliance.


  • WASD - Move
  • Click - Shoot/Build
  • E - Auto-action
  • 1-9 - Select active item


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Ruinz io

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