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Game aliases:  spins io spinner io spiner io spinzio

Spinz io description

Spinz io — Play for free at

Spinz io is a insane mix of fidget spinner toy and game. The game play looks fresh, but probably not well balanced yet. same as it's real world prototype let's you rest and relax while playing the game.

How to play

Same as in previously mentioned you goal is to stay alive and try to get to the TOP10 players by rating (see leader board on the top right side of the screen). You should collect colorful dots to earn the point and accelerate your spinner. The faster it rotates, the harder it kicks opponents. Defeated players spread dots around.

There's an obvious lack of balance in where newbie is unable to fight the more advanced player. The only way is to get away as quick as possible and find weaker spinners attack. Just keep this in mind. Spinner size is the same for any rating, the only thing you should care about is rotation speed.

Acceleration consumes your rating points.

Whirlpools allow you to gain instant acceleration in any direction.

Spinz io Use whirlpools for acceleration


Spinner follows the mouse
Mouse click to accelerate


Spinner io has to game modes:

  • FFA (Free For All)
  • Team (wo teams, red and blue teams)

Team mode has the only one difference from FFA mode. It enables friendly-fire mode - means you can't hit your teammates. There're no win conditions, so just keep looking at the leader board. If there're more members of your teams, means your teams wins right now.

Team mode in Spinner io

Skin customization

Spinner io has flexible skin customization, you can choose one on the main page of the game. First 6 are available to everyone, next 4 in change for subscription, some become available as you reach the required level and the rest can be bought got coins.

Skin customization Spinz io

Have fun with Spinner io!


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Spinz io

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