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Battl io is a mix of Agario and a shooter. You choose weapons and protection, and then go to the arena. Also, you may choose your own color. At first, the io game seems to be boring, but when you try different combinations of weapons and bonuses for the levels, you will understand that it is a unique game.

It is a perfect shooter, though it doesn’t contain 3D graphics and other innovations. The graphics is simple, the set of properties is clear, the game has a multiplayer mode. You will enjoy it!

How to play

The aim of Battl io is to kill other players and survive. On the leaderboard you will see your achievements: scores and the number of frags. Preparation for the game is also exciting, because you must choose weapons and a type of protection. Pay attention that every kind of weapon has its own properties, and the protection makes any weapon heavier. So, you will slow down and it will have a huge impact on your opportunity to survive. In the middle of the map you can always find a rectangular. If you enter it, you receive scores automatically, like the King of the Hill. You won’t get a lot of points there, but other players are always fighting and shooting in this area, so you will have a lot of fun.

If your life percent is small, get aid kits. You can find it in different places of the map.


Battl io abilities

When you achieve the 1-st level in Battl io, you receive 8 abilities. Usually, the 1-st level is achieved quickly. These are passive abilities:

  • No recoil – recoil of the weapons is reduced.
  • Binocularis – the view is zoomed in.
  • Camo – Camouflage, you become invisible if you are standing still.
  • Damage – damage from your weapons is increased.
  • Large Mags – the amount of your ammo is increased.
  • Accuracy – accuracy of your shooting is increased.
  • Silencer – your bullets become almost invisible.
  • Speed – your speed is increased.
  • Range – thee weapon range is increased
  • Kevlar – Kevlar protection. If the enemy hits you, his bullet is likely not to hurt you.

There are also five active abilities. Use E to activate them.

Battl io active abilities

  • Shield – there is a shield in front of you. It is impenetrable, but your speed decreases, and you can’t shoot.
  • Med Kit – you receive a medical kit and restore 50% of your health.
  • Grenade – you are throwing the high-explosive shell towards the cursor of the mouse. You may throw it over the blocks.
  • Knife – You are throwing the knife towards the cursor.
  • Build – You are building a protection block in front of you.

Only a few players realize the power of the Knife. Just a single hit of the knife can kill any player with any protection. If the enemy has hidden from you behind the shield, don’t hesitate to attack him. Your body will act like a ram, and the enemy will die.

It is a good idea to combine a passive ability Camouflage with a gun. Just wait for the enemy, and kill him at point-blank range.

A passive increase of the damage works in a percent rate to the basic damage. It would be good to combine this ability with the Sniper’s gun. Then the damage may increase up to 250 and more, so the enemy will be killed from the first shot. There is no sense in upgrading the damage for the shotgun, because shotgun is really powerful without any additional damage. It is also no sense in adding extra damage to the pistol, because the very little damage will be added.

The silencer is a great ability. Your bullets are almost invisible, so, while you are shooting to the enemy, he can’t escape from your bullets. Moreover, if you have a Sniper’s gun, the enemy even won’t understand that you are shooting at him until he dies.

Try different combinations of start weapons, protection and special abilities. Create your own impenetrable fortress in Battl io.


  • Use WASD to move
  • Make a right click to shoot
  • Use E to activate the ability


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Battl io

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