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Game aliases:  drags io

Dragz io description

Dragz io — Play for free at

Dragz io is a mortal fight between the clans of Dragons and Thunderbirds. It's another example of team io games. Members of clans are unable to live in piece neighboring the most hated enemies. This means only one thing. Only one clan is to stay.

How to Play

The main goal of the Dragz io game is to score more points by killing players of counter team. Collect gems, use defence and escape when your health level is low. These are keys to success.

Dragons collect red gems, thunderbirds - blue ones. You can't neither collect opponent's gems nor destroy them. When you pick up a gem you increase power of attack level and receive a XP points. When you receive enough XP points you get a new level. Every level up also gives some XP points. Look at the right bottom corner. There's number reflecting your current power your attack. With every picked gem this number increases and when over 50% begins to spark. This means you've got improved attack. Maximum value for power of attack is 100%.

Dragz io Controls

  • character follows the mouse
  • click to attack
  • right click for defense


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Dragz io

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