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Cocky io: Salami Fight description

Cocky io: Salami Fight — Play for free at

Cocky io is a multiplayer arena game where your weapon is a sausage, a salami, a wurst... whatever you want to call it!!!

How to Play

The goal of Cocky io is to prick your enemies as brutally as you can with your weapon, and reach the op of the leaderboard! Attack others from behind for extra points! Survive as long as you can, brag about it, show the world your amazing pole... yeahhh do it and be cocky baby!

Eat food to grow your weapon, the bigger the better! Stab other players with your weapon to kill them and gather their food. Dash away from people who have a bigger one.

Customize your player skin... and by skin we mean human skin, yeaahhh it's a multicultural game, you can be black, yellow, just a lil' tanned, whatever you ever dreamed of! (You can also change your hair style and color but who really cares?!?)

An open-minded game, anything but serious... Have fun :)

Cocky io Controls

On desktop:

  • Mouse to move
  • Click to dash

On touch devices:

  • touch with one hand for the virtual joystick
  • touch with another hand to rush


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Cocky io: Salami Fight

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