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Game aliases:  counter stroke io counterstroke io

Counter Strike io description

Counter Strike io — Play for free at

Counter Strike io is a battle royale version of well-known Counter Strike game by Valve.

How to Play

First of all Counter Strike io is a battle royale, so your goal is to remain the only one alive. When you enter the game you've simple weapon like gun. Shoot at boxes to get more weapons like machine guns, rifles, shotguns and etc and useful stuff like armor, laser, aid kids and so on.

Weapons are just the same as in original game, even grenades! So if you played original game you can begin playing Counter Strike io, but anyway we advise you to look at controls list. Battle royale mode means that game area will shrink every 40 seconds making the battle more fierce.

Counter Strike io lags a bit and you can adjust perfomance by for example disabling sounds. Not the best decision because sounds are quite useful to determine the location of your enemies. If you don't see anyone, switch to any simple weapon and shoot in a random direction. Enemies will hear the sound and shoot back, listen carefully and you'll get the direction to find them.


  • WASD or mouse to move
  • Left click to pick up an item
  • Right click or V to shoot
  • R to reload
  • E switch to the next weapon
  • Q switch to previous weapon
  • F pick item
  • X drop item
  • G to use Google
  • Hold space for Zoom or Shield
  • Esc to exit the game


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Counter Strike io

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