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Agario Unblocked description

Agario Unblocked — Play for free at Titotu.io

Agario Unblocked is a clone of the very popular and well-known Agario game! Feed you cell with nutritious dots and other players to grow bigger!

How to Agario Play

The main idea of this game with very simple graphics (but exciting gameplay) is to play Agario online with many other players from all over the world. There're many variations: original servers, agario modded servers, agario unblocked servers and etc. Choose the one you like and start playing!

There're color dots on the map, eat them to gain mass and score points. You get slower as you grow. Slow speed makes you vulnerable. You can split into several smaller cells to get faster. It's a bit dangerous because bigger cells can now absorb you when you're a pack of smaller cells. After a while cells will merge back into a big one. By pressing W key you can spit out some mass. It's useful when you want to attack someone.

Since the game is very popular there're always thousands of agario fans to play online with you. You can play Agario with friends, but there're nothing like teams, so just add any prefix to recognize team members.


  • Cell follows the mouse
  • Space to split
  • W to spit a piece of mass out


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Agario Unblocked

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