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Curvefever Pro description

Curvefever Pro — Play for free at

Curvefever Pro is another version of popular io game. This time we have more ship, more abilities and upgrades!

How to Play

Main goal of the game is to upgrade your ship. There're of 3 kind: having 3, 4 and 5 surfaces. Every has 8 ship upgrade levels and multiple weapon upgrades.

Map contains 6 players playing 8 rounds to find the winner. First rounds is easy, every player passes to the second one. In the second and other rounds the first player to die leaves the tournament. If you stayed alive in the round you receive protection for the next level. Even if you die first you continue the game.

There're 2 ways to die in Curve fever Pro:

  • break into the other player's line
  • get shot by someone

In case of win you receive money that can be spend for weapon upgrades, crystals and ship upgrades. Crystals used to open bonus chests containing upgrade options and etc.

Weapon requires ammo that is present on the map in the shape of dots. Near the ship you may notice ammo level indicator. Even if it's full collect the dots to avoid picking up by opponents.

Curvefever Pro Controls

  • Right and left arrow keys to move
  • Up and down keys to use weapon


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Curvefever Pro

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