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Agma io description

Agma io — Play for free at is one more game of a popular series. This game is unique, because during the game you may conclude alliances in order not to eat each other but, vice versa, hunt together. The game’s design is similar to the original game, and fans of this genre will like it. Registered users can accumulate coins, buy artifacts and special skills for fighting with other gamers.

How to play

The main aim is to become the biggest cell on the server. To do this, eat colored points of the mass and absorb smaller gamers. Green prickly circles that appear in different places will break your cell into some parts, so try to escape them. Moreover, in there are special skills, like in the Some skills push the gamers apart from each other, some skills paralyze the enemies, some skills protect you from absorption for some time. To buy them, collect golden coins and then register in the game (in order to save your account). Then choose the Shop option and buy all you need. But it is not vital, the most important thing is your skill.

The shop and bonuses

Магазин и бонусы в Agma io / Агма ио


  • To move the cell, use the mouse
  • To spit out some mass, use W
  • To divide the cell into parts, use Space


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Agma io

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