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Game aliases:  domed io

Doomed io description

Doomed io — Play for free at

Doomed io is a survival io game. Means you've got to gather resources and fight others (players and AI animals) to survive. Nice graphics + a lot of in-game features. Find a quick guide to the game below.

How to Play

Your goal in Doomed io is to receive as many as possible score points. You may start with gathering some resources. With your hands you can get only wood. Use menu in upper left corner to craft some tools, weapons and to construct buildings. With pickax you can get other resources (the wood as well with higher efficiency).

While doing some in-game actions you receive XP points and time to time level up. With a new level you can upgrade one of your props.

Doomed io upgrade options

Doomed io contains water and lava zone. Water makes you slower and lava hurts you.

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  • WASD - move
  • Click - gather/use an item/attack
  • Space - jump/rush
  • Shift - move slow
  • Q - drop item
  • Q+shift to drop 10x item
  • T - to stick weapon to a wall or spikes


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Doomed io

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