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BattleRoyale io is a new battle royale io game with creepy creatures and scary music. Great implementation of battle royale mode!

How to Play

This is a battle royale game, mean every N seconds the game area will shrink causing players to move towards the center of map. You goal in BattleRoyale io is to survive = stay the last man survived on the map.

Unlike many other battle royale games in Battle Royale io you play not only against live players, but also bots and some strange and dangerous creatures.

BattleRoyale io

There're 3 of them: Creep, Mutated Creep and Sentinel. Mutated Creep is a 3x stronger and more agreesive version of basic Creep. Sentinel - very dangerous and rare creature, ccharacteristics unknown.

Wide range of weapons available: Blaster, Plasma Gun, Flamethrower, Shotgun and Rocket launcher.

BattleRoyale io

Also you'll meet some other stuff during the game.

BattleRoyale io

Laser door deals a lot of damage, so you should find a power generator and destroy it to disable laser. Crates stay for extra loot. Destroy and get what's kept inside. Upgrade token allows you to purchase upgrades. Health potion restores some HP. Max HP and HP Regen can be purchased with Upgrade token. First increases Max HP level and restores it's completely. HP Regen increases you regeneration speed.

Sometimes in BattleRoyale io you may meet a terminal that controls some stuff near it. You've got to hack it to get access to some areas. Hacking speed also can be upgraded with Upgrade Tokens.

Laser resistance upgrade decreases damage by laser doors and Belt Pockets increase capacity of your inventory.


  • Left click to shoot
  • Scroll or num keys to switch weapons


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BattleRoyale io

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