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Game aliases:  Lavafloorio

Lavafloor io description

Lavafloor io — Play for free at

Lavafloor io is a game with original plot. When you are moving on the floor, the floor starts melting away, and there is a risk of falling down into the lava. When the floor has melted away, it is gradually becoming solid again. Becareful near the borders of the map because you can fall out of the game area.

How to play

The aim of Lavafloor io is to grow the biggest cube. You must collect blue cubes on the map. At the moment, the function of coins is not clear. Blue cubes will help you to earn scores and to grow.

From the very beginning, you will have to move non-stop without a break. The floor behind you will melt, and the melted substance will try to catch your cube. If your trace has caught you, the game is over. Also, you may fall down into the traces of other players.

The main aim is to survive. Of course, it would be great to battle with other players, but the most important thing is to stay alive. Experience shows that those, who are trying to destroy other players, are likely to die.


  • WASD to move


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Lavafloor io

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