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Game aliases:  Mudwarsio

Mudwars io description

Mudwars io — Play for free at

In Mudwars io you will take part in mud wars with the strongest enemies. The aim is to dig tunnels, to get golden bars and to earn scores of rating. At the beginning of the game, you may choose the region (choose one that is the nearest to you), language of the interface and a skin of your tank.

How to play

When you start Mudwars io, you are in a safe zone. Here, nobody can hurt you, and it is useless to attack you. However, it would be good to collect some golden bars in this area. Every golden bar gives you some scores of rating. When you increase the level of the tank, you receive an opportunity to upgrade your tank. You can upgrade type of the ammo, damage, speed of reload and so on.

Moreover, there are extra abilities that will help you to become invisible and to come closer to the enemies.

Use the safe zone to upgrade your tank and to take a break, if you need to go away.


  • Use WS to move
  • Use a mouse to move
  • Use a left click to shoot


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Mudwars io

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