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Pie ai is a unique and a very exciting game. At first, the game seems strange and difficult to understand. But, soon, you will enjoy the dynamics, take to different maps and objects. In most io games, you should move non-stop instead of standing still. Here, it is the most important rule of the game. If you are not fighting with the enemy, the bombers are flying over your head and throwing jelly bombs. If the bomb hits your character, he will turn into jelly. Then, he will be eaten by the enemy. Pie ai is not a revolutionary game, but it is 100% outstanding by the originality. Original and interesting game will drive you crazy.

How to play

Control is simple. The character follows the mouse. If you click the cube, your pet eats the cube. That’s all. Earn scores to open new skins and to enter the Top of the game. Eat pies (all cubes, except some special objects) and other players to receive scores. Use the Key or the Hammer to destroy special objects. Eat the cube with the symbol of a hammer to gain the hammer. Eat the cube with a key to take the key. So, the game is really simple.

Use green cubes to become healthy. Eat a green cube and then jump into the hole. Here, your health will be reloaded to the maximum. When you are in the hole, jelly bombs and other players are not dangerous for your pet. When the bots throw a jelly bomb, at first, the area of the damage is marked, ad ten jelly is poured to this area. So, you will have a couple of seconds to escape from a dangerous area.

In the center of the map you can find the greatest bonus. If you use this bonus, the volume of any food absorbed by your pet increases in 2 times. The bonus is valid for unlimited amount of time. You can lose it only in case if somebody eats your pet. So, be careful. If you take this bonus, other players may chase you.

Your health in Pie ai must always be on the maximal level. Even if you receive just a single blow, your pet must be cured.

It would be good to accumulate hammers and keys, if there is a chance to do it. Extra toolsare always necessary.

If you attack somebody, and the enemy is hitting you non-stop in response, try to escape, even if you are the first to attack and you hope to win. Of course, you may win, but you will lose many HP. Then, you may die just from a random bullet. So, be careful.


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