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Pixelcanvas io — Play for free at Titotu.io

Pixelcanvas io is a game that doesn’t look like a game. Once in a minute you can put one pixel on a giant canvas. Next minute, you can put there one ore pixel. Pixel art is based on interaction. To create a smart picture, you have to cooperate with other players. Even if you want to interfere or to paint something, you must act in a group. It is a really great game with hundreds of players all over the world.

How to play

The control is really simple. To put a pixel, choose a color on the color panel, zoom in the canvas by the wheel and paint the pixel. Next minute, you may repeat the action. From time to tie, you are offered to pass the anti bot test, it is really useful.

Cooperate with your friends and colleagues, create your masterpieces or finish the pictures that already exist. When the picture is finished, you may post a screenshot in the social media, it is really exciting.


  • WASD or the cursor, to move across the space
  • Wheel of the mouse to zoom in or zoom out the picture


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Pixelcanvas io

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