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Zombs Royale io description

Zombs Royale io — Play for free at

Zombs Royale io is a PUBG-like or Fortnite io version of popular Zombs io. You enter the battle and fight till the last player stays alive. 100 Player 2D Real-Time Battle Royale! A real zombie royale io battle!

How to Play

The main goal of Zombs Royale io is to stay alive in this mortal combat. At the beginning you drop out. Click to choose a location. First of all find a box and open it for weapons. Pick up weapon with E key. Also you can find chests and open them.

Zombs Royale io

Don't forget to keep an eye on level of HP and ammo in Zombsroyal io. If you happened to appear in a gas cloud, try to get out as fast as possible. Also you can hide in bushes to wait the other players, it's rather safe and boring :)

Zombs Royale io is another death match battle arena like Fortnite io. And it's great!


  • WASD to move
  • Click to shoot
  • E to pickup / use items


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Zombs Royale io

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