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Game aliases:  blobleio blobl io bloblio

Bloble io description

Bloble io — Play for free at

Bloble io is completely not an agario-style game. It almost classic strategy game with resources, buildings and units. It may remind you simplified strategy games for PC like Warcraft or Starcraft. Nevertheless it's cool and unfortunately underestimated io game.

Win and Loss Conditions

If you find yourselft at TOP10 players by rating you're a winner!

You lose as soon as your Headquaters are completely destroyed.

How to Play Bloble io

The Base

First of all you should build something inside the circle surrounding Headquaters. You may also notice a red circle - it's temporary defense shield. No one can attack you until it exists. As soon as any of your units crossed the red line shield disappears. You may of course keep it forever and feel safe, but the game is not about that.

Building is one of the most creative part of the game. Actually you should first define your strategy and than design base to fit it. Anyway first you build Generators to produce more energy, next can be Barracks, Tank Factory, Armory or Turrets and Walls. It's up to you. Note that you can build buildings (except Barracks, Factories and Walls) only inside gray circle!

Bloble io Buildings

To build anything select building type from the box at the bottom of the screen and point to the place where you'd like it to be built. Builds size and cost varies. Barracks, Factories and Walls can be built outside of the gray line. Buildings can be sold for some energy. To sell a building select it (or several buildings) and click Sell.

Bloble io Units and Buildings

Complete buildings description is given below.


Barracks, Factories and Headquarters produce units. There're 4 main unit types:

Bloble io Units

Every unit has it unique characteristics. Armory allows to upgrade units. You're allowed to have only one Commander unit. It's build manually at Headquarters, select building and than click Commander (there's also an update for Commander). Soldiers and Tanks are produces automatically if production limit allows. Production limit can be increased by building Houses. You don't need energy to build Soldiers and Tanks!


Simply select units by mouse and point somewhere by clicking. You can attack enemy's units, buildings. Be careful it's easy to lose your units some where on the map, they continue to use production limits!

Don't send units into a defense shield, your units will disappear. Destroy player's Headquarters and kick him out of a Bloble io game. Any building can be rebuilt, the Headquarters can not.

As soon as you destroyed enemy's base quickly move your remaining units out! Most likely instead of defeated base will appear a fresh one and units inside the defense shield will be destroyed.

There is inactivity timeout, so if you leave you game for sometime Bloble io game will kick you out.


  • Camera - WASD or arrows
  • Return to base - R
  • Units and buildings - by mouse
  • Construction - by mouse
  • Units control - by mouse


  • Multiplayer
  • Party - invite friends and play on the same map toghether

Bloble io has a complex rules at first sight, try to get them and you'll understand the beauty of this game.


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Bloble io

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