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Crosswords Online is a online version of crosswords available for both beginners and senior players. Actually it's not a crossword, but rather online scrabble. You can play against Shakespeare or Tolstoy or against real opponents worldwide. If you didn't like this game, but still want to play Scrabble then try Babbl xyz

How to Solve Crosswords Online

The main goal of the game is to score as many points as possible during the party. The one with the highest score wins. The game lasts till there's no way to place a char.

First of all you should choose a language to play. The language means the room. You can plat against various level bots or with a real player. The opponent can be selected automatically randomly or by picking a person you want to play with.

Letters available are found at the bottom of screen. Place letter on game area till you place the whole word, then press submit. If you don't have a word idea, you can change some of your letters with others. Press PASS and select letters to change. No restriction, you can change even all letters on your hand.

Note that you can get a complete information about the word player by clicking it in the form on the right. Crosswords Online is classic game and it's amazing.


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Crosswords Online

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