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Game aliases:  cubee io unblocked

Cubee io description

Cubee io — Play for free at

Cubee io game is similar to games Moomoo io and Deeeep io. In this game, you should go wild and collect resources. Still, it is a beta version, so you can just go wild, troll other players and fight for stealing somebody’s resources. But it is funny enough. You're going to fight other players, collect resources to build objects, throw stones to the enemies and, finally, build a gold mine. The game is full of bright events!

How to play

In the beta version, the aim is to collect resources in order to protect yourself from enemies. When everybody has weapons, wars are inevitable. If you have many resources, you can safely explore the levels of Cubee io world, easily protect and cure yourself. Switch between the keys 1 – 6 on the keyboard, to choose the item you need at the moment. It can be a sword, to collect resources or to fight, a food, to restore HP, and so on:

  1. a sword
  2. throw stones
  3. food for health
  4. a building block
  5. a door
  6. a golden ore, to get some gold from it.


  • WASD to move
  • Use number keys or the mouse to choose a suitable item or action (if you have resources that are required), click or press the Space to use these resources.


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Cubee io

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