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Game aliases:  knunkle io knukl io knucle io knuckol club uganda io vrchat io ugandan io knokles io knocol io

Ugandan Knuckle io description

Ugandan Knuckle io — Play for free at

Ugandan Knuckle io is very minimalist game with a new meme Knuckle! There can be only one Knuckle, so kill other fake Knuckles!

How to Play Knuckle club

The game is very simple itself and your goal is simple as well. Every Knuckle has a spear which is used to pop enemies like balloons. So you can try to stay alive as long as possible and try to get as many opponents killed. The only special ability available is acceleration. Try to aim at the middle of the enemy, in case of collision you'll have a chance to kill him first.

Collect color dots to level up, but mind that it only affects your rating in Knuckle io. This means that every players have equal chances to win (that's btw the core concept of classic io games).


  • Knuckle follows the mouse pointer
  • Click to rush


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Ugandan Knuckle io

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