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Paper io is added to the list of the greatest land capturing games. In this list, there are also siblings Hexar io and Superhex io, and, of course, the boss game Splix io. It’s an original, positive and nice game. You will have to think logically and act tactically.

How to play

The aim is to capture as many land as possible. Beginning from the small square, you will add yourself rectangular pieces of the land via cutting them. But if somebody cuts you down in the process, you will die. You may feel safe only on your own territory, that’s why is so exciting. The score depends on the percent of the captured territory and on the number of enemies you have cut down.

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Paper io will help you to have a good time. It seems so at first glance. But when the captured piece of map exceeds a psychological level, the game becomes a blockbuster. So, be careful and precise. Follow the Japanese rule: “Quickly is slowly but without breaks”.


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Paper io

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