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Old Mope io description

Old Mope io — Play for free at

After multiple requests Stan published early version of Mope io and now you can play Old Mope io as if it was just release. Let's have fun and remember how it was!

How to Play

The main goal of the classic Mope io is just the same - eat and evolve. You begin new game as a shrimp and have a chance to evolve till the most developed animal. You've got to eat to evolve into a new animal. Everything surrounded with green line is edible. First you begin with berries and mushrooms, but later you'll be able to eat other animals too. Beware of animals marked with red, they're able to eat you. If you don't feel like winning better escape.

As soon as you evolve in old Mope io you'll see a hint describing new animal's abilities. Pig is able to move in mug. Fox can hide in the berry trees and so on. You'll learn every animal's abilities and develop a strategy for each animal as well.

If you notice that you've slowed don't try to avoid such places in future. When you move slower animals that move in the same location fast can easily attack and kill you.

Keep an eye on water level. If you run out of water you';; begin to lose HP. Water is available in blur dots, if you are carnivore or omnivore you can also get some water out of dead players.

Old Mope io Controls

  • animal follows the mouse
  • click to boost


We're updating comments section. And hope it gets back soon!

Old Mope io

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