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Game aliases:  player killers exchange pkx io

Player Killers eXchange description

Player Killers eXchange — Play for free at

Player Killers is an io game with elements of RPG. You'll be going though dangerous Dungeons killing monsters and opponents, turning a noble warrior from a skeleton. There're some more medieval io games for you: Chiland Online and Dotta io.

How to Play Player killers

The main goal of the game is getting XP and leveling up. So kill monsters, grab the loot, equip and find potions. The should be enough monsters for everyone, so don't hurry.

HP is restored after you kill any monster. So if you're being attacked by a group of monsters don't worry. First of all use potions restoring HP. Secondly you deal damage to a all monsters in a group at once. As soon as any of them dies you'll have 100% of health.

Use I key to open Inventory dialog, right click to use or wear an item.

Player Killers eXchange


  • WASD or touch move
  • Space to attack
  • I to open Inventory dialog


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Player Killers eXchange

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