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Game aliases:  Rusher io

Rusher io description

Rusher io — Play for free at

Rusher io is a combination of Baloons io + Agar io. On the one side you keep growing while collecting color dots, on the other hand you can attack opponents with sword. The thing is your sword becomes bigger with every level up.

How to Play

Aim of Rusher io is very simple - stay alive and kill as many enemies as you can. Eat color dots to get rating points. With every level up your size will increase as well as your sword. Since only a single touch needed to kill or be killed longer sword is a real advantage. You still can try to get away from enemy using acceleration (mouse click).

Don't let anyone to come close from the back side. It's the least defended part, with a short acceleration it's easy to kill an opponent. You may think the rules are simple and the game is boring, but in reality simple rules often means quick and hart gameplay. Rusher io is one of this quick-to-play io games.


  • Move with mouse
  • Click to accelerate


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Rusher io

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