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Game aliases:  ant hill io anthil io anthillio

Anthill io description

Anthill io — Play for free at

Anthill io is a an RTS version of great Yorg io. Almost classic: mine resources, build units, attack and defend

How to Play

The goal of Anthill io is to stay alive and defeat as many enemies as possible. First of all build a headquarters. Building menu is available at the bottom right corner.

Anthill io

Currently we've the following types of buildings:

  • headquarters - core building, game ends when this one is destroyed
  • factory - adds more units
  • house - add more unit space
  • armory - upgrades for units
  • tower - defense tower
  • wall - basic defense wall

Workers are basic units in Anthill io and are spawned by headquarters, click on building and select workers in the menu. Aim ready workers and mines to get resources. There're 3 types of resources: yellow, green and purple.

Next you can build your soldier units: stronger and faster ones. Former are stronger and latter are faster :)

Anthill io Controls

  • arrows to move cam
  • mouse to manage units and buildings


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Anthill io

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