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Revast io is a re-mastered version of well-known much loved and still one of the most popular io games - Starve io. Revast is an anagram of Starve. Thank you LapaMauve!

How to Play

The idea of Revast io remains the same. You've got to control your life indicators, get and eat food, gather resources, craft tools, items and construct buildings. First and probably the main difference comparing to original Starve io is completely updated graphics. All items will look more smooth and much better.

Of course there're would be no meaning in released just polished tidy version of the game. Revast io unlike it's parent will receive more detailed quests, tasks and other new stuff at the very beginning. And developers will be able to deliver updates in a more fast and convenient way. Hope it won't make the game too complex for the new players.

There will be no water system any more and the temperature systems will be modified. More new monsters will be added and a lot of little changes and features.


We're updating comments section. And hope it gets back soon!

Revast io

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