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Game aliases:  Sumoti io Sumotime

Sumoti me description

Sumoti me — Play for free at

In Sumoti me you must push other gamers to big gray areas. Controls quite specific, so be careful, otherwise you may push yourself there. It is a game for balance. Here, you must apply your strength in the right direction.

How to play

The aim is to push other gamers behind the borders of the colored zone. The gamer quits when his center touches the black border of the gray zone. When you make the others quit, you receive the upgrade points. You can upgrade speed, mobility, strength of the push. However, a newbie also has a chance to win. You must just feel the balance.

In the collisions, speed and weight of the gamers matter. Press space and your character will become heavier. So, speed up, gain the weight and make other gamers quit. Be careful, otherwise you can make a mistake and push yourself to the forbidden zone. If it happened, start a new game, enter the same nick and a part of your experience will be saved.

It is an interesting game that is worth playing. First, the game seems to be dull. It is very interesting to push each other when there are many gamers.


  • WASD or the mouse pointer to move
  • Space to become heavier


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Sumoti me

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