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Throwz io description

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Throwz io is a gloomy and percussive io game where players meet face to face handling weapons in their hands. Get highest rank and destroy your opponents!

How to play

The goal of Throwz io is to become a leader among the fighting players. Fight by throwing sharp objects at each other and at objects on the map. For the destroyed opponents you'll receive experience points, later you they'll lead to a level up. For each new level you become stronger and get a more powerful weapon.

The first levels in Throwz io are best received by destroying geometric shapes on the field. It's hard enough to defeat a high-ranking player, so don't attack someone who has a weapon you haven't seen in your hands yet. Shoot the weaker players, and if you're a strong fighter, run.


  • Mouse to move
  • Click to attack
  • Right click for running


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Throwz io

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