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Worm is is a combination of Slitherio and RPG. The most important thing is that you may upgrade your worm by putting different clothes on him. Shoes and clothes increase basic properties and give useful abilities. The game is as simple as Slither io. You must crawl over the map, eat edible dots of the mass ad escape from other players. If somebody runs into you, he will die, and you may take his mass. The game is likely to find its fans.

How to play

You must pick dots of the maps and coins. The aim is to grow the biggest worm. You can go through your own body but you can’t run into the bodies of other enemies by your head. Otherwise, you enemy will die and leave all the mass he has gained in the place of his death. If you register in the game, you may spend your coins on empowering artifacts and eve participate I the tournaments.

A start ability of the artifact is a telescope that gives you a chance to zoom out the view for a couple of seconds. Then, you will be able to take a look at bigger area of the map.

We can say that it is a really new and powerful io game about the worms’ life.


  • The worm follows the cursor
  • Use W or left click to spit out the mass
  • Use right click or Space to speed up
  • Use F to use ability of the artifact


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Worm is

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