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Among Us Escape description

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Among Us Escape is a story about how hard is it to hijack a space ship, especially if the ship got damaged during the escape. Good luck guys!

How to Play

We don't know how we got a space ship, but the truth is that is hardly damaged and needs to get repaired to continue the flight. So if all the time you can keep in working you receive points, the longer you manage to get to all the parts that need your attention the more points you receive. Try setting a record and get away as far as possible!

Among Us Escape

Step on to a circle in the rear part of the ship to receive maximum points. Normally you receive 10 points per second, but inside the circle 15 points. However staying inside the circle doesn't help you ship to stay healthy, so keep an eye on it's equipment and repair when needed. Tough job, certainly had to take a friend with me!


  • WADS to move
  • Space to repair


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Among Us Escape

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