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Game aliases:  braains io 2

Braains io ACTION EDITION description

Braains io ACTION EDITION — Play for free at

Braains io ACTION EDITION is a resurrection of the classic with a some new features! Play for either humans or zombies and try to survive or tag humans correspondingly.

How to Play

Well Braains io ACTION EDITION is played by teams. You may join humans and your goal will we to survive by not allowing zombies touching you, otherwise you become a zombie and join opposite team. The most effective way to stop zombies is barricading yourself somewhere safe with other players.

In case you play for zombies your goal is simple and actually more funny. You've got to chase humans, tag them and turn into zombies. In case no humans left by the end of the round, zombies team wins. Zombies can summon AI zombies and make them join your force.

Each team in Braains io ACTION EDITION can be successful only in case of team work. This is a cooperative game.


  • Move with WASD or mouse
  • Left click to use item
  • G to drop item
  • E to pick up item
  • C to craft
  • Right click to summon zombies


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