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Game aliases:  dominiaio agnosia xyz

Dominia io description

Dominia io — Play for free at

Dominia io is original RTS io game with a couple of great features! Maybe you do remember great Bloble io? If you do, then certainly give this game a try.

How to Play

Like the other RTS games in Dominia io your goal is to defeat enemies and try to become the leader in the game room. New players can join the game at any time, so you've to control the map all the time and be ready for an enemy to appear just nearby your base.

Dominia io has 3 main limited resources: gold, wood and food. Gold is mined from gold mines and red crystals, the source of wood are trees and to get food you've got to build farms and grow food by yourself.

There's also a quick way to earn some gold in Dominia io by cracking randomly found chests. Each one contain 1000 gold. It's a good idea to quickly explore the map for those chests and continue with your base and soldiers after all chests are found.


  • WASD to move the camera
  • Scroll to zoom in/ zoom out
  • Click to gather / build / attack


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Dominia io

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