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Game aliases:  Gooz io Goozio

Gooz online description

Gooz online — Play for free at

Gooz online is a shooter with a view from above. At the moment there are few players and many bots. The aim is to survive. The rules are very simple, but you must be careful. There aren’t any medical kits and every bullet that hits you shortens your life. But you may reenter the game and take a revenge on your offender.

How to play

The aim of Gooz online is to make as many frags as possible. Even if the enemy is already damaged a lot, but you are the last person to hit him, the score is given to you.

At the moment, there is a beta version, so the game is going to be upgraded. There aren’t even medical kits. It makes the game quite risky. The game is going to be upgraded, and then it can become a perfect shooter.


  • Use WASD to move
  • Make a click to shoot


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Gooz online

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