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Game aliases:  Namcapio Nam cap io

Namcap io description

Namcap io — Play for free at

Namcap io = Capman io + endless fantasy on the verge of madness. In this version of Pacman, we can play either for the pacmans or for the ghosts. The pacman must absorb all dots on the map; the ghosts must fight against the pacmans. Sometimes magic pills appear on the map. If a pacman takes these pills, it becomes really dangerous for the ghosts. Ghosts can break through the walls. However, there are special traps for the ghosts. If a ghost gets into the trap, he loses good eyesight for a long time. It is a game for the most experienced players!

How to play

Choose a side you want to play for. Of course, it is interesting to play for both sides of the conflict. First, you may play for the dots’ eater whose only aim is to grow big. Then, you may play for the ghosts who are protecting their mass and don’t want the pacmans to eat it. As in the classic Pacman, when a pacman takes a magic pill, it becomes really dangerous for the ghosts. For ghosts, there are different traps, and it’s necessary to escape them.

The pacman that has just taken a pill can be easily identified. You will see the light show in his eyes. A ghost who has just eaten a trap looks like a thief with a black band on the eyes. .


  • Use the cursor to move
  • Use Space to destroy the nearest square of the wall (for ghosts only)


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Namcap io

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